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Trading business

Fifty years have passed since we started selling electrical and electronic parts. As a general trading company handling electrical and electronic parts such as magnetic wires, cable equipment, and coils, we have played a role in linking our customers with electronics. The electronics field continues to evolve on a daily basis, and thus in addition to constantly researching cutting-edge technology, we meet our customers' needs by creating and supplying a variety of services in a computerized world that relies on high speed and miniaturization. In the future, we intend to continuously maintain an advanced vision in the energy and environmental fields in order to serve a role as a company that contributes to society.

Electric and electronic parts:

Electronic products evolve on a daily basis and are essential to everyday life. Our electric wire and electronic parts business, which has existed since our company was founded, is described here.

Equipment related to the generation of solar energy

We would like to introduce some of the equipment related to solar energy generation, which forms the basis of earth-friendly, next-generation clean energy.

LED lighting equipment:

LED lighting produces a pleasant, human friendly atmosphere. Lights that will be used for illumination in the future are introduced here.

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