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Mizusho corporation of electronics

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Trading business Electric and electronic parts

Speedy services linking users with electronics

Materials delivery
We deliver reliable materials manufactured by first-class manufacturers.
Parts delivery
Our company (or contract companies) implements the primary processing and commercialization of parts. After discussing applications and products with you, we select and deliver parts of optimum cost and quality.
Assembly delivery
We deliver materials, parts, and assemblies.
We process, assemble, and deliver materials and parts that meet your specifications.

Handled goods

Wound wires Magnetic, copper, fusion, heat-resistant, and straight angle wires.
Electric wiring Electric wires for equipment, power cables, special electric wires, robot cables, power cords, and jumper wires.
Mechanical parts Substrates, terminals, caps, bushes, sleeves, connectors, plugs, housings, marker tubes, bands, and terminal blocks.
Insulating tubes Shrink tubes, waterproof tubes, heat-resistant tubes, and other various types of tubes.
Electric contact Silver and sintered contacts.
Electronic parts Semiconductors, ferrite, relays, and fuses.
Equipment-related parts Transformers, solenoids, and motors.
Electromagnetic wave-related items Electromagnetic wave countermeasure materials, electric wave darkrooms (rental measuring).
Electric materials Boxes, distribution boards, draw boards, optical connection boxes, board heat exchangers, and breakers.
Auxiliary materials Adhesives, packing materials, PVC tie, solder, flux, and Solcort
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